mr.crash May 7, 2012 at 4:35 am
this is my 13th day, last night i was soooo horny!

i decided to play for myself and promised myself whatever happend i would not let myself cum, i lubed up the sucker and yanked and played with it for about one hour then after that hour i was on the verge of exploding my ball juice all over the place, but!! i could now feel that i should not go any further and so i put the dick down and took me one of those cold coooold showers… overall i felt pretty fucking happy about the whole situation! i mean here i was playing with myself wih no porn without having an orgasm !?

i went to bed and slept real good and had alot of dreams, then early in the morning i had a wet dream about me fucking the shit out of some pretty ass girl i met at the supermarket lol..

so in the dream i really gave it to her and then finaly it happend.. I WAS ABOUT TO BURST, AND AS I CAME IN THE DREAM I WOKE UP FROM MY DEEP SLEEP AND CAME A WHOLE SHITLOAD OF CUM IN MY BOXERS!!!

at first i was thinking nooo nooo what the hell did i do!?!? after this i realized that even tho i had ejaculated from a dream my pulse or heart rate did not really go up during the happening itself, so i wonderd to myself, would i feel all bad and shit afterwards ?!

i went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror… i looked for that very special glance in my eyes that i’ve gained during abstinence and guess what you sorry mother fuckers… IT WAS STILL THERE!!!

i still can’t belive it.. i fucking jizzed in my sleep and i don’t have no sense of shame or bad feeling about it at all!!

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