Remember kids never pimp harder always pimp smarter. Real game is hidden in plain view

You know who needs to straight STFU? Little white girls 23 or 24 who just graduated from college and go to lounges where grown folks congregate. True story. One of the things about this group of girls is that they try and imitate their older bitter counter parts (single women 28 to 40) but obviously they don’t have the real life cold heartedness that getting pumped and dumped for five plus years in the big city will get you. What really takes the cake is when they try to talk all deep and philosophical like about the world and they come off sounding like complete twatwaffles.
I was out a couple of weeks ago when the night brought my boys and I to Saint Ex. I was wingmaning hard for my boy who was trying to get his FNYN. He went to get a drink so my job as the wingman was to keep the conversation flowing till he got back and I handed it back to him. The conversation went on to music and dancing and somehow his target and I started quoting lines from the movie Save the Last Dance. She was laughing hard and turned to her friend to tell her what we were talking about trying to include the friend in the conversation. That’s when the friend said with a dead straight face,

“I thought that movie was so racist”

It was like one of those awkward moments like during The Hills where everyone stares at each other on screen and the audience realizes that none of these bitches actually work at their so called jobs while some faggy band or Plain White T’s plays in the background. That’s when I spoke up and said,

“That’s interesting, I thought most people found that movie overly cliche borrowing themes from Grease, Footloose, Flashdance, and even The Turning Point. But in what way did YOU find it SO racist, please let me know”

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