Plus I am definetely more sexual and the girls I see appreciate that and the intense want for them even if maybe don’t want sex that day, which I did not have so much when I fapped.

Now they are the only way to release so I desire them intensely :)

Mattias September 20, 2012 at 12:05 pm
@ JP2… If you were a stallion before no-fap why go through this experiment? To bed more girls? I mean, if you’re a stallion and have a permanent girlfriend, what’s there to improve?

I notice when I’m falling back into the masturbation trap (after more than a week of abstincence) that at first I orgasm way too early, but then I successively start to last longer. I think it’s totally alright to have sex 3 times a week as long as there’s no fappage. I think our subconscious mind knows that masturbation is a wasteful act so it affects our self-esteem, whereas if you have sex your subconscious sees it as less of a selfish act (cos you please another person) and your instinct interprets the act as procreating (the natural goal of sex). Also, I think the smells and pheromones of a woman cause a benificial chemical reaction within the man.

Ed September 22, 2012 at 7:38 am
Day 83, hopefully when I hit 90 days I will loose count and continue in the same way. Feel amazing can’t stop checking out my muscles, I know I sound vain. Taking supps, my training is going insanely well. If I see a hot women in my vicinity I flirt and try to not force an outcome. This does not kill your sex drive, if anything it focuses and directs it. Nocturals take care of any blockages, and the release they give you is something else. I had a clear nocturnal about a women who works at the library, felt like I had a 5 minute orgasam it was that vivid and powerful. Funny thing she was kind of oldish and I chatted to her a week or two after, she wasn’t someone I initially had the hots for either.

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