The evolution of that little phrase, “I only lie about important things” comes from a specific incident when I was in college. I had a mind-altering crush on a boy in the dorms. While we weren’t exactly a couple, we were a little more than “just” friends. I managed to talk him into not ending whatever it was we were doing by being perfectly honest. Later, I realized that I’d been perfectly manipulative. I felt like I had lied (I hadn’t). But, that’s where it’s from. Of course, it’s not true at all. Sometimes I don’t know how I feel, I can’t sort it all out. Usually, though, the only person I lie to is myself. More’s the pity.[]=650&path[]=0&path[]=1709&refresh=1!G-RnoN71:vastu-consultant-in-delhi-%7C-best-vastu-expert-%7C-vastu-consultant-in-gurgaon-%7C-vastu-consultant-in-noida-%7C-vastu-consultancy-services-%7C-vastu-consultancy-services-in-delhi-%7C-vastu-experts-in-delhi-%7C-vastu-shastra-consultants-in-delhi-%7C-vastu-shastra-consultant-in-faridabad-%7C-vastu-shastra-experts-in.._!view/91376|thread/65442602!view/91376|thread/65442758]Unity!/feedtype=SINGLE_QUESTION_DETAIL&criteria=BESTANSWERS&id=906t00000008OiSAAU;u=32290,qualities-of-a-gps-tracker-pictor-telematics,6710;u=32244!kmt-start=1150

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