As i discussed earlier, computer viruses may destroy your computer's OS and disable access to your personal information. Computer viruses are generally distributed through email, websites , instant messaging (chat software), and physical media like CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, USB or floppy disks. the simplest preventative strategy is to possess a full-featured antivirus software installed on your computer. Most of the private computers purchased today are already equipped with the antivirus software. "So, what is the catch?" you inquire from me . The catch is that each commercial also as non-commercial antivirus software requires frequent updating. many of us think that if the antivirus was installed on their computer by the seller , they're protected for all times . Wrong to offer you an example, when a replacement bug is discovered, large teams of software developers work night and day to come-up with an antidote, a "pill" that might destroy an epidemic and can inoculate your pc . Once available, the antivirus update or "signature", are going to be available on the vendor's website for download. If your antivirus software is up-to-date, and is configured to update automatically over the web , you've got little or no to stress about.*/*/*/Click / / / / / / / /*/*/