On-site recruitment
Many jurisdictions, e.g. B. Singapore, especially those that offer special tax planning benefits, require overseas companies to hire local staff in order to receive the above benefits. In addition, jurisdictions such as Latvian cite cheap, skilled labor as one of the main benefits of company registration there, making hiring local staff an integral part of the start-up strategy. These are the main reasons local recruiting services are essential to any business planning for moving to a foreign jurisdiction.

Recruitment of highly qualified executives
Sometimes local directors and shareholders are required by law to set up businesses with additional tax benefits or simply to register a business in a jurisdiction with a favorable tax regime. Typically, to qualify as a local resident for the position of executive in a start-up company, a person must either be a citizen of that jurisdiction or be in possession of a permit: temporary, permanent or special, such as the Singapore EntrePass. In addition, the person concerned may not be eligible to hold the position of director if they have a criminal record or are bankrupt at the time a company is registered.

Appointment of a company secretary
Another management employee who is often needed to start a business and must be located nearby is a company secretary. In this regard, there are two most common situations: the secretary may or may not be the sole director of the company. Whenever possible, the company only needs one local manager who acts as both director and secretary. If he / she is unable to act in this way, the company has the option of either hiring two local employees or appointing one local employee as director and secretary and then hiring another director (resident or non-resident).

The requirements for the directors of a start-up company can vary greatly depending on the jurisdiction, and at the same time, a company cannot be registered without them. We strongly recommend contacting Confidus Solutions for local recruiting services and advice, as our international partner network enables us to meet the requirements of the most common legal systems.

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